SEO for Plastic Surgeons

SEO for Plastic Surgeons

How to Reach More Patients Online with Plastic Surgery SEO Services

Marketing your plastic surgery practice on-line is essential if you want to reach potential patients in today’s market. More often than not, people turn to search engines when looking for a plastic surgeon, and you want to do all you can to drive your practice to the top of the search results.

Why Do Plastic Surgeons Need SEO for Their Practice?

Plastic surgery is highly specialised and made up of many niches, meaning you have a specific audience to which you want to market your services. SEO for plastic surgeons is the key to targeting the people searching for what you offer. Whether they’re looking for reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, appearance is a strong driver in the search. They want to make sure they find a surgeon with the best qualifications and the experience necessary to successfully perform the desired procedure. A targeted SEO strategy speaks to these patients and shows them why they should choose your plastic surgery practice over others in the area or even throughout the country.

Today’s plastic surgery candidates aren’t looking in the phone book or flipping through brochures to try to find a doctor to take their cases. They’re turning to search giants like Google and Bing to locate practices with good reputations and a history of satisfied patients. Your SEO strategy must be crafted to build authority in your niche and establish a positive reputation. This combination not only places your website higher in search results but also attracts the attention of patients seeking someone with skill and knowledge to handle their cosmetic concerns. Smart SEO practices bring these people to your website and encourage them to give you a call and set up a consultation.

Get a FREE Website Audit and Proposal

Get a FREE Website Audit and Proposal

What Are the Best Practices for Plastic Surgery SEO?

Successful SEO starts with knowing who your ideal patients are, understanding their needs and becoming familiar with their search habits. Performing an SEO audit to look at the strategies you’re already using and determine the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach gives you a foundation on which to build as you work to reach the target niche of your practice.

Our process and what's included.

Plastic Surgery SEO companies like The Ideas Bunker handle the day to day monitoring and improving of  your on-line footprint, including making your website more visible in the search results. We also differentiate your brand across the web. We do this by following the process below.

Perform a Competitive Digital Analysis

  • Complete a competitive digital marketing analysis to see how you stack up against your top three competitors using our proprietary data tracking software
  • Perform Local SEO keyword research and identify the top sales-driving search terms and keywords in your market
  • Establish your baseline for website code and structure, content, local visibility and off-site citations, then compare it to your competitors to create an actionable sales driving plan
  • Create actionable revenue goals and corresponding SEO plans

Optimise Website content and code

  • Install advanced google analytics
  • Make your small business website fast, secure (optional but recommended) and mobile friendly
  • Edit your website's code  and structure to be inline with the best SEO practices
  • Edit and optimise your existing website pages for search visibility and creative content
  • Perform conversion rate optimisation on all website elements (like contact forms, buttons, navigational links) to ensure an optimal experience for your customers.

Optimise and create local citations (local SEO)

  • Locate and audit existing citations across online directories like Yelp, Facebook, YellowPages and Industry specific directories
  • Optimise your company's Google My Business page for your business address and service area, phone number, maps listing and business hours
  • Optimise your company's Facebook page for local SEO practices
  • Discover, manage and monitor local citation and backlink opportunities to build authority

Report on Management and Analytics

  • Provide easy to understand monthly reports on the status and results of your SEO campaigns
  • Provide reports on tracked visits
  • Monitor analytics on a daily basis to watch for anomalies, hacks, penalties or other sales damaging events

Get a FREE Website Audit and Proposal

Get a FREE Website Audit and Proposal