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What do we do and who do we do it for?

The Ideas Bunker is a multi-category, multi-media communications company. We utilise our experience working for some of the country’s biggest and best loved brands to help businesses, large or small, connect with their customers.

We write the ads, design the ads, and shoot the ads  –  to a considered strategy to build a strong brand that persuades customers to visit a website or buy a product or try a service.

Over the last decades we have worked with some of the best film directors, media specialists, writers, art directors and designers in Australia and Internationally, and on brands such as Toohey’s, Southern Cross University, Listerine, Hilton, Qld Tourism, Proctor and Gamble, Lever Rexona, Kellogg’s, Quintrex, Rid, Kodak,  Qld Transport, Bisley Workwear and more. Our Creative Director, Tim Bond, has written a line that anyone with a pulse has been influenced by and he’s won national awards for being the best in the country at selling things. Have a look at the video above for a small taste of our national brand experience.

We can help you sell whatever it is you have. Just scroll to the ‘Let’s Connect’ section at the bottom of this page.  We look forward to having a chat.


What can we do


An effective communications campaign starts with an idea. And that idea needs to be relevant to the product. Good advertising ideas grab the attention of your consumer and persuade them to try, or at least, be interested in what you sell. The right idea can set you apart from your competition. Persuasive ideas. That’s what we do.


Ideas mostly come with words. Even just three powerful ones like “Just Do It”™  But then there’s the other extreme of long copy ads, websites or brochures. Maybe it’s content of 140 characters. Whatever the need, those words must be carefully chosen for maximum impact – and choosing the right words comes with experience.


The idea is driven by the strategy. You need to know who you’re trying to convince; their age, gender, interests etc. The strategy sets the tone of everything that gets produced – whether it’s a TV or Influencer campaign, it should have a consistent tone, manner and brand message. Our strategies are always simple and on-target.


We love brands. They are powerful and persuasive. Creating loyal customers who will stay with you, no matter the competition. Brands are a great way to fight price wars. Over 30 years we have developed our own Brand Workshop, a process for discovering what your brand is now, if it’s any good, and if it could be better. We give recommendations of how to build your product into a great brand,


Effective communication has always relied on great images. Now more than ever. Social media and the web demand it. We can work with you to supply videos for campaigns and content, and create YouTube content that stands out. We offer professional cameras and equipment as well as drones. (And yes, we’re registered with CASA and have full Public Liability Insurance.).


We’ve got traditional advertising covered. And with our digital specialist, we offer highly effective,  digital know-how. From websites, social media, SEO, Influencers and everything in between, our digital work makes sure your campaign gets to the right people. No matter where they are or what device they’re using.


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Video Solutions

A three minute Video or a Profitable Solution?

When a client asks about a video for their product or service, I always respond with “Do you want a video or a solution?”

There’s no mystery to shooting a video. Just about anyone can do it, and mostly they are.

What everyone can’t do is create video solutions to marketing problems.  How do we best talk to your market? What are the key points of your product that will resonate strongest? What’s the most persausive tone and manner for the video? Our award winning experience helps find those answers.

If you want ‘just a video’ talk to someone else. But if you want a video solution, that connects with your current and potential custmers, then talk to us.

The Ideas Bunker. Videos that deliver Solutions.

Photography and 360˚ Panoramas

The images you need to successfully sell your brand and products. Whether in print or social media

We offer a range of services to help individuals and businesses build their brand. Photographing and filming brand assets from food to real estate, we can help you realise your commercial goals. We can even supply corporate headshots.

For our expertise in real estate photography including 360˚ Panoramas please click here: https://www.thismagnificenthome.photography

For our expertise with food photography, please click here: https://timbond.photography/delicious-things/


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